First Day In a Digital Marketing Job

Digital Marketing Job

You finally hit that digital marketing job? Congrats and welcome to the world of digital marketing. It is the future of the entire world. If we can’t reach people digitally where their attention is, then there’s no point.

Well, I am pretty sure you know the best parts of digital marketing out there but you aren’t here for that. You want to know how to begin your brand new digital marketing job. I am going to give you a head start and set you up for some sweet success.

The first day you might have a variety of thoughts running through your mind such as,

“Yay, I did it”

“I finally got what I want!”

“What am I doing with my life?”

“What if they fire me?”

“What if I can’t reach up to their expectations?”

Let me tell you, it’s okay that you are feeling the way you are. It’s always good to take some time to process the change. We as humans aren’t very fond of change.

It is indeed very simple and I understand you might be nervous or there might even seem to be a little self-doubt. I had the same thing when I first landed my digital marketing job. So I have listed the top things to do on the first day of your digital marketing job below.

First Day in a Digital Marketing Job (Tasks)

You have access to the entire internet and there’s vast information on everything you need to know. The first week shouldn’t be so hard as people usually think.

Analyze & Absorb.

You might have done some research about the company prior to your hiring but you wouldn’t get to know the company as you can now. Before you can even begin to do your digital marketing job, you need to be familiar with what you are working with. You can market something that you don’t understand. What I am trying to say is, be like a sponge and absorb everything about the company.

  • Notice how the workflow is in the company.
  • Analyze the staff
  • Read the company profile
  • Know who’s in charge
  • Study the product or the services of the company
  • Take notes of everything you see

There is no need to rush everything on the first day. If you just start absorbing and observing from scratch you’ll set you way ahead of others who don’t.

Learn the Product or Service.

I know I have already slightly mentioned this on the first point. That alone isn’t enough it needs a whole new explanation as it is one of the most or even the most important step.

Think about this for a second, if coca-cola doesn’t know what they are selling you think they would be where they are today? You see, every product is different, and not all of them need the same type of marketing. It’s good to know the inside out of what you are selling.

You can’t market something, that you don’t know!

That’s right, you need to truly believe what you are selling. You should be able to recite the product or service like a poem when asked. If you have a great understanding of the product, you can come up with a variety of ways to sell it. Dig up everything about the product including their flaws. Again, you can’t fix something if you don’t know what the problem is.

Ask questions & Be Humble.

It is your first day after all and there is no need to be cocky or shy. You can’t find out about something if you don’t ask for it. When you are asking for it, be as humble and down to earth as you can. Keep in mind that in some corporate companies, people don’t generally respond directly to your questions and they might ask you to wait until they have a meeting with you.

You can ask the following questions on your first day:-

  • What is my exact role in the company?
  • Who should I report to?
  • Who should I report to when the person in charge isn’t available?
  • What time is the lunch break?
  • When are my timings?
  • Who should I ask about the company’s products and services?

Prepare & Organize

Don’t skip this step and you will thank me later. Collect, prepare and organize everything you need to for your job on the first day. You can get help from the person in charge to get the basic things you need for your work.

Get your emails, files, marketing materials and if you are in charge of handling social media accounts, then make an excel sheet with their details and credentials.

A few basic things that mostly apply to all digital marketing job are as follows:-

  • Email
  • Company Profile
  • Social Media Accounts
  • CRM access
  • Analytics
  • KPIs
  • Time Table
  • Marketing Calendar

Competitor Analysis.

Know the competition as they can provide you a great value in your own job. Analyzing the competition is more like a short-cut when you are building your own marketing strategy for your company. The competition would have most likely done all the hard work for you and all you need to do is take it.

Digital Marketing Job

You can use online tools to find out. You can take a look at their social media accounts to find more about what they do and who are their customers.

In fact, you can even pose as a customer and call the other competitors to find more about them. Hey, it’s business and it’s fair to do that.

Feel free to experiment before you settle on one strategy. You can also look at their website and their website traffic analysis in order to find more about what you need.

Meet the team.

Meet everyone in the company and introduce yourself, they will all come in handy one day and be in their good books. I am not saying you should go and beg them to like you. You are marketing the company and they are all the company.

Each one of them can give you one or two things that you can learn from. It may be bad or might be amazing either way there is nothing to lose. When you talk to those people, you will get an idea of what is expected of you.

Keep in mind that not everyone is going to be friendly and sometimes people who are very friendly might not have great intentions. So, keep a safe distance while you do this.

Current marketing efforts.

Find out what was the previous and what is the current marketing efforts done by the company. This will give you a shortcut and cut your learning curve in half. You can learn from their mistakes and not repeat them.

Do note that maybe they might be doing it all wrong but it’s worth knowing. This will give you a clear picture of where they stand and why they failed or succeeded.

Analyze the market.

Yes, I am not saying you should do this on your first day but you can start preparing for it.


You see, one way or the other you need to analyze the market to do your digital marketing job, and the first day is a perfect day to start them. You don’t necessarily need to finish analyzing the market on the first day. Feel free to take more than a week to do it.

Get perfect clarity on your product, customers, and market. All of these will play a big role in your result.

Current stand.

You are in a job and mostly there’s going to be a probation period for you. This means, they are going to see how you did in your probation period and then they will decide if they need you in their company or not. You need to be prepared for this and also it is better to start from day 1.

You see, it’s all about results and how will you measure them? by analyzing where you started to where you will be in the future.

For your safety, pull up all the analytics of the company and everything you can find about it and prepare the data on where you are starting. It could be the number of Instagram followers or current Facebook engagement. Keep a note of all of them so you can compare them later and see your results.

This will also be a proof of what you will do by the end of the probation period.

Take a deep breath.

Yup, just as the above title says take a deep breath. It’s your first day and try to take it easy. Yes, you might feel like a lot of judgy eyes around you and that is okay.

Don’t sweat it, it’s just a job and it’s not worth stressing out so much. Either way, your mental health is very important in order for you to be productive and produce results.

Congrats and good luck with your job. Feel free to reach out to me via my contact page if you need any help. You can also check out my event marketing post if that interests you.



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