Nightclub Marketing Strategies – How should you start?

Nightclub Marketing - How to Market a Nightclub

If you are just into marketing or you own a nightclub business this is the right place to start. I personally think that nightclub marketing is not the same as marketing a digital product. There is a lot of things involved when coming up with marketing your nightclub.

See, in this post, I am not just going to be writing about online marketing but also offline marketing as well. I think both of them play a great role in “Bringing the crowd” in.


Before you can begin the marketing process for your nightclub, I want you to first make sure you fully understand your market and your customers. Assuming you know how your business is and also a good idea on how the customers and your market is, it is time to start setting up. You see, most businesses give their marketing to someone and fail to fill the gap in between.

What I mean by the gap is…

You can market all you want but you need to make sure when your customers come from seeing your promotions and marketing they need to be welcomed with both of your hands and shower them with encouragement. Most businesses don’t do that but the more you appreciate your customers for seeing your advertising and showing up, you automatically increase the chance of making them your regulars.

Once that has been established and you are pretty confident please proceed to the next step

Online Ways For Nightclub Marketing

1. Instagram

Yes, the obvious or one of the most trendy platforms of our time. Instagram does wonderful things to your business if you know how to use it the right way. Most businesses take full advantage of Instagram by utilizing it to the maximum and frankly, I think everyone should do it too.

People love to see food on social media and it makes obvious sense to show off your products there. Use a lot of eye-catching images that show your audience what you are about. In the nightclub scenario, the thing that people love to see the most is the so-called vibe of the place. The vibe is basically highlighting the most popular and fun things about your place, the crowd, the drinks, the ambiance and so on.

Start by creating an Instagram account and make sure your username isn’t too long and it is easy to find. Make sure to fill in all the necessary details about your businesses/nightclub.

I would suggest running paid advertisements and grow your Instagram organically as well.

2. Facebook

Facebook is another platform that has so many more features than what Instagram can offer. It’s just a fact that Facebook has far better tools for business than most platforms out there and you need to set it up the right way. Feel free to even redo the whole Facebook page from scratch.

First, create a Facebook page for your business and link it to the Instagram page so that Facebook knows your Instagram profile for your business. This linking will also give you access to better tools to promote your business from Facebook.

Once you’ve created your Facebook page and also have optimized it to the maximum. Start creating an event page for each of your weekend events and invite everyone from Facebook. What this does is it shows people that there is an event coming up and they can engage with your event page which then increases the chance of people attending it. Also, don’t forget to add the pre-sale ticket link if you have them.

3. Snapchat

I was pretty skeptical about Snapchat initially for nightclub marketing, but the more people started to use it then more I wanted to try it, If you want to gather those young audiences then don’t miss out on this. It’s basically just stories that you post and people get to see.

You will be surprised by the number of users. A quick google search will tell you over 200 million-plus active users are using the platform if that’s the case then there no excuse for you to not be in it.

Snapchat also offers paid promotions if you want to spend a little bit of your budget on it. Make sure you have done your research and if most of your audience uses Snapchat then feel free to try it out.

4. Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor is one of the largest companies that people use to read reviews. Over the years it has built trust with their users and it seem to be helping customers and businesses.

How you can benefit from it?

By just being in it, Tripadvisor is something people will look for before going to a club or a restaurant to see what they are getting into. Only customers can review your business there. Create a profile on Tripadvisor and make sure it looks very attractive and for the start, you can ask a few of your happy customers to review it.

Generally speaking, it has a large audience and the moment you get on it, someone would be ready to review it. They also offer paid promotions if you are interested but if you are just starting out then you can just stick to Facebook and Instagram for now.

5. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a platform that specializes in selling event tickets, the reason I listed it on this list is that they have their own traffic. When you list your event there, you can take advantage of their traffic and also you get a platform for your nightclub to sell your event tickets.

You can also use your regional ticketing platform if you’d like but I am sure you get my point. The more convenient you make for your customers the more willing they’ll be in what you are offering.

Offline Ways For Nightclub Marketing

1. Flyers

Flyers might be an obvious one when it comes to nightclub marketing but I have seen some nightclubs just having a picture of their venue and that’s it. You want to stand out from the crowd and that can happen when you can make a simple yet attractive flyer.

The flyer plays a key role because of the visual information and the sharability of it. Most people just use the flyer to send it to their friends to invite them to the party.

I would suggest creating new flyers for every big event you have and use it in all your social media and promote it. The reason I have listed this under offline ways is that you can hire someone to distribute your flyers around your region.

Note: Just the flyer alone doesn’t have a great ROI. It is only effective when you combine it with other means of marketing.

2. Radio

This is big and yet skeptical for most modern internet nerds. Radio has always been the greatest means of marketing or reaching people. Though it might not get things as viral as social media can but if you are having a big event then consider investing in radio ads.

Example: if you are hosting a big event with a celebrity coming to your club then that’s a time you need to use this. That big event that happens once a year, even that is worth it when it comes to nightclub marketing.

3. Coupons

So let’s say, you have your new customers that are in your club, most people just go to a club and even if they like it never want to return back unless you give them a reason to come back.

That is exactly what we have coupons for in nightclub marketing. Print an attractive coupon for your customers saying something like “Get 25% off the on your second visit”.

The majority will come back and most of them don’t want a coupon to go to waste. I mean c’mon who wouldn’t want to get more offers the next time they return to a venue.

4. Invitations

Print a bunch of VIP-looking invites and hand it out to some of the good crowd and offer them to check out your venue. You can also make free invites to an event and give it to your regulars or a specific crowd.

You don’t need to always print free ones, you can also do a “20% off'” invites that attract people who mostly wouldn’t come to your venue otherwise. Make sure to use this as a convincing card for your customers to come back to your nightclub.

5. Word of Mouth

This is got to be the oldest trick in the book for not just nightclub marketing but for marketing in general. Getting the balls rolling for word of mouth isn’t that easy as you think but it’s doable.

Have a bunch of regular party crowd and keep them on your WhatsApp group and before every party you are throwing let them know and invite them.

6. Promoters

There is always a group of people calling themselves promoters for nightclubs and events. You got to find them and cut a deal with them to promote your nightclub.

Don’t underestimate these people and at the same time don’t settle with one group until you have tried others.  They usually have their own methods of marketing but you can co-ordinate with them to promote your nightclub and events.

7. Influencers

Yes, I am referring to those online influencers who usually demand a lot. There are some good ones that you can find but I am not suggesting to use them the way you think.

You see, these so-called influencers have real-life fans, if it is a woman then it’s even better for nightlife. Invite them and offer them a discount or whatever you can to make them stay. There will be quite a few people who will follow them to where they are going,

8. Companies

Remember those coupons and invitations? Yes, they come in action here. Take those coupons and invitations you printed and meet with the manager or the owner of the company and offer your invitations and coupons to them.

Usually, they will all come in big groups which will do you wonders. They will tell their friends and even if that doesn’t happen your nightclub is gonna look filled which in return making the other walk-in customers stay.


None of the above is in order or anything and you don’t have to follow every step though I recommend doing so. Having experience in nightclub marketing for years, I suggest please be creative while applying these to your business.

Keep in mind every business is unique in its own ways. You can bookmark this page as I will be coming up with more helpful content for your business.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any doubts. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Karr Nade

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