40 Best Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Real Estate Marketing

The information found on real estate marketing on the web is almost outdated. This post brings you fresh real estate marketing ideas and strategies for you to grow your business.

Regardless of you being a company or just an agent, you can utilize almost if not everything in this blog to help you succeed.

We are going to go over all the best and the most effective strategies to give you a great head start.

Even if you are new to this, stay tuned! at the end of this, I am going to give you a real estate marketing PDF for you to download and use.

So, Let’s get right to it.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies & Ideas

The following are the best ideas for you after a good amount of research and experience.

1. Get online with a website

You will be missing out on hundreds if not thousands of potential customers by not being online with a website. It cost barely anything to create a website these days.

You can use something like Wix or WordPress to create a quick website and show off your properties. Make sure you have your contact details at a click.

Real Estate WordPress Theme

Having a website also builds a lot of trust with your potential customers. Offer a free call or even a free tour around your properties with a quick call button or a contact form.

You don’t need to have a very fancy website, the following points are enough for a decent real estate website:

  • Property showcase.
  • Quickly reach you via your contact.
  • Decent design.
  • User-friendly
  • Loads quick.

That is fairly easy to achieve for a big reward. Putting in a little bit of time in setting this up can take you a long way. If you don’t have the time for it, hire someone to do it for you. When you have a website you can save a lot of money in advertising in real estate marketing.

2. Get a Real Estate Photographer

Hire a real estate photographer to make your properties look visually appealing to your resources and audience. It’s just a one-time investment and you can use those images in various places.

real estate marketing

It doesn’t cost much to do that and also one of the reasons you should hire someone is because if they have a social presence they will post your images on their profile and other places. That will give you and your properties more exposure.

If you really don’t want to do that or cannot find anyone. You can use your own phone to take really good pictures.

3. Blog Section On Your Website

You see having a website is pretty essential but you need to explore the potential of your website. What I mean by that is, having a really helpful blog.

When you start to blog about everything related to real estate or even real estate marketing and talk about your experience, you will start gaining traction. The more you are available online the more people will trust you when you provide them with value.

Write really good content and be honest and unique. Think about providing value to your readers. This will also help you get traffic to your other places such as your social media or even your landing page if you have one.

4. Virtual Tour of Your Properties

Human beings are visual being and this is why YouTube is one of the most popular platforms these days. People simply like to see anything before they buy it. So you as a real estate agent or a company need to show off your product to them.

Make your virtual tour content made available via your website, social media, and YouTube. Below is a video of a Virtual Tour for Real Estate.

You can check out what 360 Video Camera to buy here

5. Social Media Influencers

This method is very good if you find the right social media influencer. You need to do a few research before finding someone. Once you have found the right person you can pay a quick buck to feature your property.

Make sure they have actual followers and not some fake followers. Cross-check their engagement with their followers. Also, keep a note that they are local influencers and are relevant. Keep in mind that this is finding influencers for real estate marketing and not an event company, make sure they are relevant for your business.

Marketing Real Estate

You can use a platform such as Heepsy to find influencers near your area.

6. Virtual Tour (360 Images)

As I already mentioned people love to see before they buy. Same thing for your property if you make a very appealing 360 images of your property and set it up so that they get a virtual tour it would help in your conversion. There are actually very few people out there who have incorporated virtual tour into real estate marketing. Be the first few to this trend.

Real Estate 360 Video GIF


Real Estate 360 Camera

There are a lot of ways to find the best and cheap 360 cameras on Amazon.

7. Virtual Video Tour

There isn’t a better way to showcase your property than having a video tour. You can start a YouTube channel on your name or your company name and upload your showcase videos of your property.

Real Estate YouTube Marketing

The reason that this works well these days is that you get the audience from YouTube and also YouTube’s video links will be indexed in Google and that would bring in more traffic to your website. You see the key factor in real estate marketing is to be one of the first to utilize the trends.

It is always good to have your own YouTube Channel to help your business reach the next level.

8. Instagram Paid Promotion

Instagram promotion is a great way to generate leads. Regardless of your campaign goal, Instagram is an effective platform to run your ads in it. If you want to collect your potential leads you can go to Facebook Ad Manager and choose “Lead Generation” and will help you acquire leads. People really haven’t explored the potential of lead generation in real estate marketing.

Real Estate Marketing Lead Gen

The reason I recommend using Lead Generation is that you will get your customers details which then you can use to contact them and close the deal.

9. Facebook Paid Promotion

Facebook is very similar to Instagram and the only reason I have mentioned it as a separate is that the audience differs. If you are going to use both Instagram and Facebook it is more effective though.

Real Estate Marketing Lead Gen

Facebook consists of a different audience group vs Instagram. It’s all about what best works for you and your business. You can try out the paid promotion between Instagram and Facebook and see what works best for you.

10. Use Referal System

This is a perfect system that can bring in very trusted leads for your business. All you need to do is either use an online program for referrals or just do it manually. See the stats below on how it can help with real estate marketing.

Real Estate Stats

Value your customers and do a very good job and offer them a small reward for referrals. This will go a long way as the person who is referring you will refer you to someone who trusts your referral.

11. Google My Business

Google My Business is a very important factor in getting clients. You see Google isn’t just for Website SEO and there’s more to it than that. Local Listing can sometimes bring in almost 80% or more of all your business from Google.

Google My Business Real Estate

For keywords such as “Real Estate in Atlanta,” you should be at least on the first 3 results of the listing. So head to Google My Business & go ahead and signup and set it up. If this needs to work make sure you set up your profile correctly.

When you are starting your real estate marketing, this needs to be the first step.

12. Get on Yelp

Yelp reviews are one of the best ways to build trust with your upcoming potential customers. You can ask your customers to give you feedback on Yelp.

Real Estate Yelp

Keep in mind not to bother your customers to give you feedback. Let them give an honest review of your service and the more genuine it is it’s better.

It’s good in a way that you will do a good job with your customer and it would be a motivation for you to provide a really good service.

13. Get Your Profile on Zillow

Zillow is a real estate marketplace and that will help you secure relevant clients. Make your profile attractive and professional and showcase your properties.

Properties Marketing

Zillow receives about 31 Million Pageviews a month and that will definitely play a role in your business. If needed you can also opt for paid promotion with Zillow

14. Newspaper Ads

I know what you are thinking but there is still a bunch of old-school people looking ours for a newspaper ad for their property hunt. Apparently, newspaper ads are still trusted than online advertising.

According to The Works, newsreaders happen to be earning above average. You should really consider getting your property ads on Newspaper. This a unique step in real estate marketing.

15. Local Radio

Never underestimate the effectiveness of Local Radio and how it can play a big role in your business. It doesn’t cost so much to do a local listing in your radio station in your area,

Study shows that for every $1 spent on radio advertising they gain back $12. So, if you are looking to focus mainly on the local side of advertising do consider adverts on the radio. There is no excuse to not incorporate this into real estate marketing.

16. Property Booklet

This is something that many people neglect the property booklet and they are truly missing out on so many opportunities.  You might need to spend a little time on getting an attractive booklet that you can hand out to potential buyers.

Imagine if you are in a seminar and instead of handing out just your business card you can give your property booklet. That would create a very good impression on your business.

Real Estate Advertising

People might forget your business card but the booklets always standout and whenever they get to see your properties and remember to give you a call. I mean you are anyway going to do all the real estate marketing so why not do it right?

So, there are a lot of free resources that you can use online such as Canva to create your own brochure or hire a designer.

17. Lead Generation Page

In real estate marketing, it is necessary to have a great online presence, and to utilize the online users you need to explore lead generation. You see, there are times when people would be looking for a property and would just come to your website and just leave.

We don’t want the potential customers to leave, we need a place to capture them and convert them. Even if they don’t convert at first you can always keep them in your mailing list to showcase your other properties and which they might be interested in.

Worst case scenario those leads will always turn to something good. Doesn’t hurt to keep potential leads at your fingertips.

You can either have your own lead generation page on your website or you can use something like ClickFunnels

18. Email Marketing

There is no reason you shouldn’t be having an email list for your business. If you don’t have one yet then start collecting emails now. Emails have one of the best ROI and it is very effective.

People don’t realize the potential, you would be surprised to see the results. Send out your emails and offers to your list every often. You can use your website to collect the emails or you can do it manually.

If you have been following this article then you would know that it is possible to collect emails via Instagram Lead Generation, Facebook Lead Generation, and using your Lead Generation Page.

19. SMS Marketing

Social Media Is Effective but people will have to open the app to see your profile and posts but SMS Marketing delivers the message right on their notification screen.

You can collect these phone numbers and send out your SMS using online SMS marketing providers. Alternatively, you can find companies that have a database of phone numbers and provide SMS Marketing.

There seems to a great Return On Investment on SMS Marketing Campaign. Feel free to test the waters, try out something like a relevant 5,000 people.

20. Organic Social Media

Aside from paid promotions on Social Media, you should never neglect the regular and consistent updating of your handles. Making it a habit of consistently updating can take you a long way.

The average attention span of the audience on social media is just 3 seconds.

Always remember, it’s a consistent post, and not constant posting on social media can turn your customers away. People love to see things that are attention-grabbing. Alternatively, you can also hire someone for your real estate marketing.

Create content that is sharable and attractive to your users. Start engaging with your audience. You can also check out How to Choose Social Media Channel for Your Business.

21. Twitter Using Hashtags

Twitter for real estate marketing, I am not kidding. It works wonders if you know how to use it. Twitter is used by a lot of potential customers and you won’t believe some companies I know to keep it their primary marketing tool.

Do a little bit of hashtag research before you start throwing in your tweets. Make it a habit to always stay on top of the trend when it comes to hashtags and pictures. Head over to Hashtagify and find the best hashtags to use.

The key is to have great and attractive pictures with a call to action of some sort.

22. Offer Unique Business Cards

There are a lot of creative ideas out there on business cards and you can totally implement on your business. You see, you are anyway going to have business cards and why not make it unique and attractive?

A quick Google search will give you a ton of ideas.

real estate digital marketing

23. Offer Value on Forums

This is a great way for real estate marketing because you are not only offering value, you are also building trust with your members. There are a variety of forums out there for you to explore. Don’t think of this as a big task of real estate marketing instead make this your hobby to explore more and learn.

You also get to learn many things from these forums. You can also add your website and your business details on the profile page of yours. Keep in mind to be nice and give proper value on whatever you’re posting. You can also check out the forum Bigger Pockets.

24. Offer Value on Reddit

Reddit is a vast place and there are subtopics for almost anything you can imagine. If you tend to love the idea of the above step which is offering value on forums then you would love to explore Reddit.

The whole reason this is in real estate marketing is that when you build trust with people they would wanna check you out and if they like you they might hire you as an agent or they would refer you to someone they know.

Few subreddits to look out for:




25. Work on Your Branding

Give your customers or potential customers a feel of your brand. When they see your logo or your name they should instantly know what your company is made of.

Branding shouldn’t be taken lightly and it can bring you great success. If you are going to spend some time on your real estate marketing then allocate a little time on creating or improving your branding.

Make sure to have the following:

  • Logo – That actually represents your company visually.
  • Letterhead – A letterhead for your business when you print any document regarding your company.
  • Brand Guidelines – Your brand guidelines should be on point, your branding person or the designer should be able to give you this.
  • Envelope design – Envelope should also contain your branding.

26. Increase Your Brand Awareness

In real estate marketing, when you don’t have brand awareness in your strategy you might be up for some confusion along the way. You see, regardless of what you are marketing and where you are marketing.

If you are running a paid promotion, sponsoring an event, or giving out your brochures if you don’t think about brand awareness you are truly missing out.

Spend a little time to run campaigns on increasing brand awareness. Watch the below video on how to increase your brand awareness.

27. List your Properties on Pinterest

Pinterest is great for almost any business these days. If you are just getting started in real estate marketing then I would suggest starting off with learning about Pinterest.

There are many free tools out there that you can use to create your visuals for free. There are quite a few videos and articles out there that you can check out and below is one from YouTube.

28. Use Google Adwords

Google Adwords is super effective and if you have the budget head to Google Adwords and run your campaign. This is not the organic way to get results but its very quick.

Especially if your business is new and you don’t have time to organically execute real estate marketing then use Google Adwords because it will bring in results very quickly.

Below are some examples of some ads companies are running for their real estate businessreal estate marketing ads.

29. Use Google Adsense

Google Adsense is another form of advertising you can engage on and you can also bring in leads pretty quick. They are one of the best ad networks in the world right now.

You can advertise some of your properties or you can advertise your website as a whole. Google Adsense allows you to display banner ads as well and it is super effective as well.

Companies have been using Google Adsense for their real estate marketing for decades now and it’s still effective to this day.

30. Use Snapchat Ads

Snapchat even without the paid promotions it can be great for real estate marketing. Snapchat paid promotions will give a new range of audiences around your locality.

If you are regular in posting you don’t really need to opt-in for Snapchat ads but if you are looking for some quick lead generation then head to Snapchat and run your paid campaign.

Snapchat Real Estate Marketing

31. Use SEO on Your Blog and Website

SEO is the greatest way to improve traffic overall and evergreen traffic on your blog or website. Search Engine Optimization in real estate marketing can bring you leads even when you are sleeping.

I know that sounds silly but I have made my entire income for my business for almost 3 years with just a few days of working on SEO. You can also hire blog writers on Fiverr to write for you.

The hiring people to write part make sure that they know what is SEO and are experienced in it. You don’t want low-quality blog posts in your blogs.

32. Have other Blogs Write About Your Property

This is another great way and has multiple benefits for your real estate marketing. Guest posting or other blogs writing about your properties that can bring traffic to your website or even give you a backlink.

Keep in mind that not every blog is going to write about you and you might need to spend a few bucks to get them to write about you. You can also use emails to reach out to potential blogs.

If that is hard for you to achieve then you can also offer to write them a blog post and in that blog post, you can put probably one link back to your website.

If you want to know how to write a great blog post, then watch this video below.

33. Partner with Local Businesses

Real estate marketing doesn’t always have to be about digital sometimes and you can use the help of other local businesses around you. Having local business partners you will be in advantage compared to your competitors because it’s the possibilities are endless.

Partner with maybe a construction company or even an investment firm anything that is relevant and where your potential customers will be hanging out.

Offer some value to your partners. You could partner with furnishing companies where you can send in your new customers to where they would be able to shop. The furnishing company keeps your banners in their shop for other customers who are looking to buy properties or even rent out.

As I said, the possibilities are endless and each business is unique and it’s up to you to decide who you want to partner with. You could also try to partner with insurance companies.

34. Sponsor Events

Remember I mentioned increase brand awareness? This step will help with that too. In real estate marketing if you want to succeed then you need to make sure your company is everywhere possible.

Sponsoring local events can help you display your products and services to a large number of audiences at once and it can easily get people talking about you.

Real Estate Marketing Sponsor events

Wouldn’t you want your logo in there? Explore this option if you see some potential around your locality for real estate marketing.

35. Host Webinars

You as a person can definitely offer some value to other people, right? Why not make it into a webinar and give those values to others. Everybody loves to get value and you could do something like “What to look for when buying properties?”.

You can get a whole bunch of people to your website and your other resources when you put yourself in a place of value. There are a lot of free services out there that you can use to make your webinar.

Additionally, you can also do YouTube live stream if that is your thing. Once you get good at real estate marketing you can also teach it to others.

36. Host Free Seminars

Nothing beats marketing your products and yourself face to face. This step takes you one step further in real estate marketing because it gets a little intimate.

When you host free seminars a lot of people are going to join mainly because it’s free right? Yes, and also if you truly be helpful to them then you would be able to bring in some leads via seminars as well.

You can use your social media and other handles to announce your free seminars around. It’s always a good idea to do a free webinar first and then moving into a live seminar.

37. Use Your Properties to Advertise

Property signs are pretty much what I am talking about. It’s free and easy to achieve because all you need to do is put up a sign in your property about the property.

It’s not necessary to just advertise that property, you can advertise your company as a whole. You see, real estate marketing doesn’t always need to be about spending money on ads and promotions.

This step is free and easy to do as well. See below is an example of a simple banner that can generate leads. Marketing Real estate

38. Attend your Local Seminars

It isn’t necessary you should always initiate your marketing, for a change you can attend your local seminars around to start networking. Being an agent of a company doesn’t matter here.

If you have been following this guide then just know you can use your creative business card here to give out and also your brochure to get your potential leads.

39. Get on YouTube

YouTube is by far one of the best ways for real estate marketing. Why? Because it’s hot right now and it isn’t going to go down anytime soon. You just need to make a few videos and it gets watched by thousands of people.

You can showcase your properties or you can use YouTube to offer value and bring in relevant users to your business. Having a YouTube channel is a recommended step.

Don’t worry about making Hollywood type of videos, it just needs to be pretty decent enough and helpful for people to see.

40. Make Educational Videos

Finally, show off your skills and also teach them to others. This works because again, it brings brand awareness and spreads your word around.

Even if you are an individual you yourself are a brand right? it can always help to bring in some great clients along the way. You won’t believe how valuable your videos can be.

Currently to my knowledge, I have only found about 1-2 actual helpful videos regarding real estate and real estate marketing. There is still a lot of gaps that need to be filled. You never know you could be the next big thing in the real estate industry. Educational videos are a great way for real estate marketing.


Now that you have read the above 40 ways for real estate marketing, as promised below is the Real Estate Marketing PDF for you to download and use.

Gey My Free Real Estate Marketing eBook [PDF]

Keep in mind that these are my personal favorites to use and I have done everything on the list. Every business is unique and one strategy might not work for the other. Take this real estate marketing advice and make it your own.

Feel free to experiment before settling on one strategy and always stay updated and on top of the trends in real estate marketing. If you need any help in your real estate marketing then reach out to me on the contact page.

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